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Customer Service is our number one priority!
We take pride in our work. All our parts are traceable/Mil Spec and we follow a combination of manufacturers' installation instructions, Advisory Circular 43.13 and other pertinent FAA regulatory documentation.

Direct Avionics specializes in:

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We can fabricate your avionics harnesses. Save time, ensure the correct tooling is used and reliability is built in. Avoid spending your valuable time troubleshooting miss-wires, broken wires, etc. Leave it to the experts!

About Jeff
Jeff Rothman began his avionics career in 1977 as an avionics technician in the US Air Force maintaining B-52's and KC-135's. Jeff separated from the Air Force in 1981 and found employment with Dynalectron (now Dyncorp) as a senior technician maintaining and modifying a vast array of US military and foreign government aircraft.

In 1989 Jeff left Dynalectron to work for a local mom and pop avionics shop. After moving to California in 1990, Jeff worked for a couple of local avionics shops and then opened Direct Avionics in 1994.

Jeff has received Silver and Bronze FAA training awards and is a rated airframe mechanic, pilot and has an FAA repairman's certificate.